Enjoy 60+ classes and mini workouts varying between 5-50 minutes with our Online Studio! On-demand workouts in Jumping Fitness, Jump&Burn, Jumping Party, Barre86 (coming soon), Mat Pilates, Yoga Wheel, and Blast86.

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Jumping Fitness

Enjoy various Jumping Fitness workouts for a great cardio workout! Sessions vary in length from 15-50 minutes. These sessions can be done with or without a handlebar, and may also be performed on the floor with supportive shoes if you do not own a rebounder. All workouts are considered ‘All Levels’

Videos are only available to viewers in the United States.


Yoga Wheel

Add to your yoga practice and increase your flexibility with our Yoga Wheel workouts. Sessions vary in length from 10-50 minutes. Many exercises can be modified to be performed without a wheel.


We offer a mix of Mat/Equipment Pilates classes and mini exercise tutorials. Some workouts will require props or equipment. Workouts vary in length from 5-50 minutes.

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