Our Approach

At Studio86 Fitness our goal is to make fitness fun, accessible to all levels of ability, and different so you never get bored. We have chosen to offer unique styles of boutique fitness classes so that you will always have a combination of styles to choose from. Our instructors bring various backgrounds in dance performance, physical therapy, and exercise science to their classes adding their additional knowledge to their teaching styles. We are all trained in exercise modification for injury prevention and/or have worked in Pilates based physical therapy clinical settings. We can help you after surgery or physical therapy sessions to continue in your fitness goals and transition back into your life.

Our Story

Studio86 Fitness was originally founded by Heather Daye as an online studio to bring teachers and fitness lovers from all over the country together into a stronger community. Many cities and smaller towns around the US do not have access to the more unique fitness classes offered in major coastal cities, and it is her wish to be able to bring it to anyone interested at a reasonable cost. Everyone deserves access to fitness that is fun, exciting, and effective. In 2019 Heather returned to her hometown of Columbus, OH, and on March 1st, 2020 she opened the first studio location of Studio86 Fitness.

Studio86 Fitness is a boutique studio focusing on low-impact workouts that are appropriate for all fitness levels. We are the first studio in the Midwest to offer Jumping Fitness, a unique rebounding (mini trampoline) class originating in Prague, Czech Republic. Combining the cardio benefits of Jumping with the strengthening and stretching of Pilates, Barre, and Yoga you are sure to get a complete whole-body workout.

Our instructors are certified and have backgrounds in: Physical Therapy, Kinesiology, Biology, dance, and nutrition. We can tailor any private session to your fitness goals and specialize in post-rehabilitation Pilates programs.

Meet the Team

We love what we do and cannot wait to share it with you!


Heather Daye-NPCT

Owner, Master Trainer(Columbus, Online)

Pilates, Jumping Fitness, Barre86

Originally from Columbus, OH Heather has been a fitness instructor and professional dancer for over 10 years. She graduated from Cornish College of the Arts in 2009 with a B.F.A. in Dance Performance. After moving to Los Angeles to continue her professional dance career she became a physical therapy aide, and certified in the Pilates method through Balanced Body in 2011 with master trainers Roger Gonzalez-Hibner, Gabrielle Shrier MPT, and Allyson Cabot PT. In addition to her Balanced Body certification Heather received her National Pilates Certification (PMA- now NPCT) in 2014, and is a 3rd generation Pilates instructor with direct lineage to Joseph Pilates through Romana Kryzanowska and Roger Gonzalez-Hibner. In 2022 she created the teacher training program for Studio86 offering certifications in traditional Pilates and Barre86. With seven years of experience in a Pilates based physical therapy clinic Heather enjoys being able to help clients on their path to a full and healthy lifestyle.

To balance out her Pilates training Heather became certified in Jumping Fitness in 2015 through Master Trainer Jakub Novotny, and in Barre through the Burn at the Barre certification program in 2018. She is looking forward to sharing her love of movement to even more people through Studio86 Fitness. Heather enjoys using her past experience in physical therapy and as a professional dancer to make all her classes fun and challenging!

Caitlin Miles

Pilates and Barre86

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Alex Dyer

Apprentice Instructor- Pilates and Barre86

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Bridgett Allsbrooks

Apprentice Instructor- Pilates and Barre86

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Samiyah Elkhabiry

Apprentice Instructor- Pilates

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