Equipment Pilates

Traditional Pilates classes using the Reformer, Tower, or Pilates Chair to strengthen and stretch the whole body while providing support for the spine. The use of spring resistance on the equipment will add the appropriate tension to perform the movements required to complete exercises in Pilates sessions. Pilates is ideal for all populations and can be easily modified for injuries or chronic conditions. Pilates helps to strengthen the core muscles improving posture, balancing muscle tone, and increasing flexibility. It is an ideal workout for those with Osteopenia/Osteoporosis, those who are pregnant, or recovering from an injury/surgery. Athletes of all levels also use Pilates to cross train to reduce risk of injury and become a more efficient mover.

Jumping Fitness

Jumping Fitness is a cardiovascular mini trampoline workout originally from Prague, Czech Republic. Classes are set to high energy music and are sure to get your heart pumping while you burn serious calories. Rebounding has proven health benefits for the cardiovascular and lymphatic systems, as well as, improving bone density. Our classes are performed on the patented PROFI trampoline specially designed by Jumping Fitness. This trampoline mat design increases rebound force to make jumping more effective while creating more support and ease on your joints versus other trampoline designs. The mat surface area is a large hexagonal shape with a detachable handlebar to provide ample space for a secure footing and balance support.

**Populations with spinal disc degeneration or chronic back/neck conditions are not encouraged to attend Jumping classes unless cleared by a physician. Supportive shoes are required during all Jumping sessions.


Barre86 is a Signature class from Studio86 Fitness. A fun barre flow class set to high-energy music combining the best and safest elements of traditional Barre fitness, Ballet elements, and Mat Pilates to get a sweaty burn without the joint pain or chronic injury. Burn, sweat, stretch, and tone the whole body! We use individual portable barre stations with adjustable barre height to promote neutral body placement throughout class.


Jump&Burn is a Studio86 Fitness Signature class combining the best aspects of Jumping Fitness and Barre86 into one calorie burning, heart pumping session to get all the cardio and toning you need. Supportive shoes are required.

**Populations with spinal disc degeneration or chronic back/neck conditions are not encouraged to attend Jumping classes unless cleared by a physician. Supportive shoes are required during all Jumping sessions.

Mat Pilates

Mat Pilates is a form of the Traditional Pilates Method using just your body, props, and a mat on the floor. Build your abdominal strength while also increasing overall flexibility.

**Mat Pilates is NOT recommended for those with Osteoporosis or back injuries that require neutral alignment and/or increased back support during physical exercise.

Vinyasa Flow Yoga

Vinyasa is a style of Yoga characterized by the stringing together of various poses and flowing through them while using breath. Each class is different and can be tailored to individual client needs. The variable nature of Vinyasa helps to create a balanced body, and avoid injuries common from performing repetitive movements. This style of yoga incorporates a consciousness of body placement so that while there is a flow each movement is mindful.

Private/Semi-Private Sessions

Private or Semi-Private sessions allow you to work one-on-one, or with a friend, and your instructor to train at your own pace. Gain a deeper understanding into your practice, and work on exercises tailored to your needs and goals. Private/Semi-Private sessions are ideal for anyone coming back to fitness after a surgery/physical therapy, or athletes training in a sport who may require more specific cross training instruction.


*Prices subject to changeSingle—-5102030
Group Classes (in-person/livestream)$28—-$120$220$385$485
*See details at checkout
30 Class Monthly35 Class Monthly—-—-—-—-


Current Daily DealsDescription
First Class DealFirst class is only $15! Daily Deal will apply automatically in the Vagaro scheduling app.
1st Month Deal$99 for your first month of a monthly subscription. New clients only. No commitment required. Cancel anytime.


Deal Description and Requirements
Student Discount (Active)
40% off class packages of 5 and 10. Restricted code- Current student ID required at first visit for student status. Cannot be combined with other discount offers. Renews annually with proof of continued student status.
Intro Pilates Privates
Please email or call to schedule to receive discount price. Payment due upon booking.
$285 for 5 Pilates privates w/ Physical therapist or Doctor referral. New Clients Only. 1 per client.
Use 5 private Pilates sessions to transition from rehabilitation or post surgery back into life.
OSU Staff Discount (Active)20% off class packages of 5 and 10. Restricted code- Current staff ID required at first visit for staff discount status. Cannot be combined with other discount offers.
Age 70+ Private SessionReceive private sessions in Pilates for only $60 per session. No package required. Pay as you go. Email front desk.