What do I need for Jumping Fitness?

For all Jumping based classes supportive sneakers are required, no exceptions. We ask that you bring sneakers not worn outside to help keep the trampolines as clean as possible. It is encouraged to bring a towel and water. Ladies, please wear supportive attire. We have all the equipment you’ll need.

What do I need for Pilates?

Pilates requires comfortable, supportive, and not overly baggy athletic attire. Super short bike/running shorts and loose basketball shorts without leggings underneath are NOT recommended. You may wear grip socks or go bare foot. All our equipment is cleaned after every use. We have all the equipment you’ll need.

What do I need for Barre86?

Please wear supportive, non-baggy attire. Grip socks are encouraged, but not required. Bring a towel and water bottle. All equipment and props are provided. All our equipment is cleaned after each use.

What do I need for Yoga?

Please wear comfortable, not overly baggy athletic attire. We provide mats, blocks, blankets, and straps. You are welcome to bring your own props if you prefer. Water and a towel are recommended. All our equipment is cleaned after each use.

What is your cancellation policy?

The studio has a 24 hour cancellation policy for all private sessions and 12 hours for all group classes. Any late cancel/no show for group classes not due to an emergency situation will be charged a $10 fee in addition to losing the class credit. Please be considerate of your instructor’s time and give the opportunity for another client to fill your spot by canceling early when possible.

Classes without registered clients will be canceled by 9pm the night before for all AM class times, and 2 hours prior to the start of class for all PM classes.

What happens if I am late to class?

All group classes have a 10 minute grace period after the start of class. If you arrive after that 10 minute window you must ask the instructor’s permission to join. This permission will be granted based upon how much of the warmup you have missed in the class, and if there is a waitlist/ another client waiting at the studio for the same class. If you arrive after the 10 minute window you will forfeit your spot in class to any waiting client if present, no exceptions. Please arrive early and be courteous to your fellow classmates.

How do I purchase the 5 Pilates privates for $285?

This Pilates Intro special is for those clients who are new to the studio and have a referral for Pilates from their Doctor or Physical Therapist. Please call or email the studio with your referral to schedule your first session to receive this discount package. Payment required at time of booking.

How long do I have to use my class package?

Group class/private session packages expire 6 months from the purchase date. Single class or private session purchases expire 1 year from the purchase date. Our Memberships last for 6 months with an automatic charge every month. Memberships must be manually renewed after the 6 month expiration.

Can I bring my kids while I attend class?

Yes, if they are old enough to sit quietly by themselves. If your child is sick and you are without childcare please stay home, and do not bring your child to the studio as we do have immune suppressed populations who are clients.

During Jumping classes we require kids aged 12 years and younger to wear noise cancelling headphones (we have 2 sets at the studio) to protect their more sensitive ears as the music can be quite loud.

** Please note during current social distancing measures we ask that you do not bring guests as they will not be allowed to wait inside. Thank you

What is the minimum age to attend classes?

Our classes are for ages 18 and up. However, we allow ages 14-17 with parent/guardian permission.

***Music used in our Jumping Fitness classes is NOT always edited so please be aware of this when allowing your child to attend. While we do try to choose songs without offensive language (in any language) this is difficult with today’s music culture. Thank you for understanding.

I made an online account on your website, but I cannot schedule classes. Why?

Our Online Studio is separate from our physical studio in Columbus. To schedule classes with us at our Columbus location please visit our ‘Schedule’ tab and click ‘Book Now’. You will be taken to a separate window tab to Vagaro, our online scheduling software, where you will have the option to create a Vagaro profile. After creating a profile you will be able to pay for and schedule classes online. Please contact us if you have any issues.

*Mobile users: There is a ‘Vagaro Pro’ app that is meant for business use only. This is not the client version you want. Please search only for ‘Vagaro’ in the app store to download.

Do I have to wear a mask? I don’t like wearing them.

Until the majority of the population can be vaccinated against Covid-19 we are requiring masks to be worn as much as possible while in the studio. Choosing to wear a mask shows you care about the health and safety of others in class with you rather than just your own personal comfort. If the entire class agrees to go without masks then it will be allowed. Instructors will always wear a mask.

What is a Livestream Replay? What is ‘LR’?

If you see LR in the title of a class that denotes that class will send a livestream replay link to all registered livestream attendees after class ends. Livestream replay links are recordings of select livestream classes. Registered livestream attendees of these classes will receive a link after class with a recording that is available for the next 48 hours. Recordings are password protected and available only to registered attendees of that specific class. This allows those who miss class, live in another time zone, or those who wish to do class at their own pace to enjoy our livestream classes at a more convenient time in their schedule.

Do you have another location?

No. Our only location is in Clintonville/Beechwold at 5076 N. High St. Google Maps has occasionally suggested an address in Hilliard, OH. This is not accurate. Please do not drive there. You will not find the studio.