Have a question? Check out our most common questions below. Your question not there? Contact us directly and we will be happy to help as best we can. Thank you!

What’s your return policy?

Subscriptions are non-refundable and non-transferable. You can cancel anytime. 

I do not want to use/or do not have PayPal, how do I sign up?

At this time we are currently only using the PayPal Checkout portal and will require you to create a PayPal account. Please check back in the near future as we are trying to find additional solutions that will integrate smoothly with our site. Thank you.

Do you accept Venmo payments?

Technically, yes. You will only see an option on the PayPal portal checkout page to pay via your Venmo account if have activated the ‘pay with Venmo’ option in your Venmo app settings AND have accessed our website on a mobile device. The Venmo button will not appear if this option is not selected in your app settings or if you are using a desktop/laptop to view our website.

If I am under 18 years of age can I subscribe to your classes?

Our terms of service require you to be at least 18 or have permission from a parent to subscribe. Classes are for teen to adult, but please be advised some of the music played in our videos is not edited to remove harsh language. 

How do I log out of my account?

You will be automatically logged out of your account upon closing your browser window or you can choose to click on the Log Out menu link in the top right corner of your screen. 

I have a discount code as a new subscriber. How do I apply it?

Go to Log In> Register> Select Studio86 Level, you will be directed to a new page. Enter your code into the blue link “Click here to enter your discount code.” right above Account Information, press Apply. Your new rates should automatically display and you will be able to continue on with your registration. 

Do you have customer service?

Of course! We are always happy to help answer any questions to the best of our ability. Please allow up to 48 hours for a response as we are still a small but growing company.

What if I don’t own a trampoline?

While we offer classes that do not require the use of a trampoline if you would like to take advantage of our trampoline based classes you will need to purchase a trampoline with or without an adjustable handlebar that is to your liking. Amazon sells many styles. Look for one that has an adjustable handlebar and is between 48″- 54″ in diameter to be comparable to the Jumping Fitness trampoline used in our videos.

What should I wear for Jumping based classes?

You should always wear supportive shoes while Jumping.  Jumping in bare feet or socks (yes, even grip socks) there is a much higher risk of falling, slipping, getting mat burn on your feet, or causing extreme injury. Please always be properly attired for your chosen class.

Where do I purchase a trampoline?

If buying a trampoline from Jumping Fitness directly is too expensive there are many similar styles of trampolines sold on Amazon. Ideally one that has an adjustable handlebar and frame of 48″- 52″ in diameter. As with any online purchase please read reviews carefully before purchasing, check the max weight load, and dimensions. It is extremely important that you follow all safety and weight guidelines regarding the use of your specific trampoline.

Purchase suggestions:

*We are not affiliated and receive no compensation for your purchases from these companies*

www.jumping-fitness.com, Jumping Fitness is the original patented trampoline used in our videos. Please visit their E-shop to buy a Jumping Fitness trampoline.

https://www.bellicon.com/us_en Bellicon is also a very good, but pricier option.

Amazon suggestions- SportPlus and OneTwoFit both sell cheaper but very similar rebounder styles with adjustable handlebars that you must assemble at home.

Where do I buy an at-home barre?

Many free-standing ballet barres are sold on Amazon as well. Look for one that is about 4 feet in length, adjustable in height, and has a sturdy base. You do not want your barre to topple over so please read reviews carefully before purchasing. Assemble and use as directed by the manufacturer.

Where do I buy a Yoga Wheel?

There are various options for a yoga wheel. The company we suggest is YOGABODY Wonder Wheel. 

You can purchase directly with YOGABODY via our affiliate link https://shop.yogabody.com/?AFFID=355043 

Please always read reviews before purchasing, and use your wheel as directed by the manufacturer.

I own a trampoline but it does not have a handlebar, can I still use your subscription?

Great! While many of our trampoline classes do require a handlebar we also have rebounding classes that do not make use of a handlebar for this very reason. You only need to purchase the equipment you want to do the classes you like.

Can I pause my subscription without cancelling?

Unfortunately at this time we are not set up to offer pausing or skipping recurring subscription charges. You are welcome to cancel anytime and then re-purchase a subscription at a later date. Cancelling your subscription will not delete your user information. This allows you to return anytime and log in, but you will not have access to video content until a new subscription has been purchased.

Can I cancel my subscription?

Hopefully you don’t want to but, yes, you can cancel your subscription anytime. To cancel your subscription please visit Your Profile>Membership Account and select the Cancel option below your displayed current subscription level. Your account will be immediately cancelled and you will immediately lose all access to restricted video content. 

I was charged after cancelling. Why did this happen?

If you are charged after you cancelled your subscription please contact us as soon as possible so we may remedy the situation. Please double check your billing cycle dates, and that you finished the cancellation process in your online account. Online glitches do sometimes happen and we will work hard to help remedy any problems.

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